Terms of Use

1. Privacy Policy

This policy describes how RPGR 2021 collects and uses personal information of users of our website, www.rpgr2021.org

2. The Effect of Policy

a. These terms will have effect to be shown on the service menu.
b. RPGR 2021 can change these terms of use policy with reasonable reason and RPGR 2021 should give a notice when the policy has been changed.
c. You can stop using the service when you disagree with the new policy.

3. Other Regulation

If something is not shown on this policy, but on the Korean law, RPGR 2021 follows the Korean law. If it is not, RPGR 2021 follows custom.

4. Definition of Terms

a. You: People who signed up to RPGR 2021 website.
b. ID: A combination of letters which is set by user for the user identification and the service of the user
c. Password: A combination of letters and numbers which is set by user to protect the information of user
d. Contract: A contract between RPGR 2021 and the user to use the website.

5. Services

Since some services are provided by the RPGR 2021 are for only members, these services are only available for the user who sign up.

6. Membership

You can become a member if you are interested in graphene and 2D materials and related fields.

7. Contract Formation

a. The contract is established by your agreement with the terms of use.
b. If you want to become a member, you need to see the terms of use first. When you register online, I Agree or YES button have the same effect as a signature.
c. The contract is signed by the user code unit, the unit must be signed at least one of the ID.

8. Change of Policy

You can change the below information by yourself by using a function within the service.
a. Your personal information
b. Password
c. ETC (with RPGR 2021s permission)

9. ID & Password

a. You have all responsibilities for ID and password.
b. You cannot change, share, or assign your ID without obvious reason.
c. You have all responsibilities for such unauthorized use by third parties on the service or negligence caused by ID assigned to you.

10. Termination of the contract & Service restrictions

a. If you want to terminate the contract, you can talk to secretariat of RPGR 2021.
b. RPGR 2021 can stop or terminate the contract in whole or in part without prior notice if your case is one of these rules.
    (1) If you use someone elses ID
    (2) If you send an email to advertise
    (3) If you spread computer virus or spam
    (4) If you are on the blacklist of Korea Internet Safety Commission
    (5) If you do an illegal election campaign
    (6) If you commercially use the information obtained through the service without the consent of RPGR 2021
    (7) If I0 RPGR 21 decides that it is not right

11. The Removal of the Users Posts & Service restrictions

a. Administrator can remove the users posts if we have out of storage. b. Administrator can restrict the users service if we have out of storage. c. We will give you a notice if a, b are needed. d. Administrator can remove your posts without prior notice if your case is one of these rules.
    (1) If you copy, publish, broadcast, or give any information from administrator to the third parties without administrator permission.
    (2) If you slander other users or the third parties
    (3) If you spread any information, sentence, or etc disturbing public order and custom.
    (4) If you do anti national, antisocial, or criminal action.
    (5) If you violate the rights of other users or the third parties.
    (6) If you post something exceeding the prescribed period.
    (7) If you post the same thing more than five times.
    (8) If it is determined as a violation of other laws.

12. RPGR 2021 Responsibility

a. RPGR 2021 is committed to maintaining the facilities to be suitable for the service to provide consistent and reliable service. If the equipment or facility is unusable, we will repair or recover it.
b. RPGR 2021 will notice the details online if there are any changes or additions to the service contents.

13. Personal Information Protection

a. RPGR 2021 should protect the personal information that is created and used in the service provided by the user.
b. RPGR 2021 never share the personal information with the third parties. However we can share the personal information if
    (1) National law enforcement agencies need it for Investigation.
    (2) They need it for statistics, academic research or market research.
c. You can always view your personal information. You can also correct errors by yourself.
d. You can cancel all agreements by cancel the membership.

14. Your Responsibility

a. You should not do all of these.
    (1) Do not use other users ID.
    (2) Do not copy, publish, or broadcast any information which you get from IPPGR 2021 without the RPGR 2021s permission.
    (3) You must comply with the instructions or cautions and services specified in this agreement.
    (4) You must comply with the rules by telecommunications equipment and facilities when you install any mobile devices.

15. Copyright

Publishers have all rights and responsibilities of the posts. RPGR 2021 may not use them for commercial purposes without the consent of the publisher. If it is not the commercial purposes, RPGR 2021 can use them without the publisher's consent.